Flameproof Goods Cum Passenger Elevators

Flameproof Goods Cum Passenger Elevators
Product Description


Wherever Inflammable, Explosive and Corrosive vapours, liquids and gases are expected to be present the most important demand to be met by elevator in such hazardous area is high degree of reliability and perfection “SINCE FAULTS MAY ENTAIL SERIOUS DANGER TO PERSONNEL & PLANTS. For selection of explosion proof elevator, following points should be taken care of:

(1) Hazardous Area: Hazardous area categorized into zones depending on the frequency and duration as per IS:5572 (Part-1) i.e. Zone Zone and Zone 2

(2)Ignition Temperature: Flammable gases and vapours are categorized in temperature classes from T1 to T6. Ignition temperature is the lowest temperature at which flammable gas will ignite.

(3) Hazardous Gas: Hazardous gas have been classified in IS: 2148-1981 and are associated only with flameproof enclosures. These gases along with the ignition temperature classes are listed as follows:


Gas Group – I, IIA & IIB

All electrical apparatus are housed in flameproof enclosures confirming to IS2148 and mechanical components are designed so that there is no ferrous to ferrous metal contact in order to avoid chances of sparking. Hence SAFEX Flame Proof Elevators are flameproof as well as sparkoroof. SAFEX Flameproof Goods Cum Passenger Elevators are offered for Gas Group I, IIA & IIB suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 Areas.

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